Andrew Verity, Sleep and Stress Expert

by admin on January 5, 2010

Sleep Better by Overcoming Your Sensitive Reaction Syndrome, Andrew Verity’s special topic for week 6 of the webinar series.

He contentiously told me beforehand that “it’s as simple as changing from the awake state to the sleep state?” which I know will press a few buttons out there!  Sounds so easy!!

Too good to be true?  It can’t be that easy?  It’s a habit you can’t change?  You’re over the simplistic answers that don’t solve the problem?

Think again.  And from a completely new perspective.

Andrew Verity is just the guy to give that new perspective – as he talks Sensitivity and Change.

The perspective that he’s gained from 36 years in alternative health.

The perspective that’s drawn from a combination of naturopathy, homeopathy, iridology, cheirology, psycho-somatic analysis, applied personology and kinesiology.

The perspective of Neuro-Training – Andrew’s internationally recognised, new healing modality, that has recently been ‘institutionalised’ in Australia.

Andrew Verity, Sleep and the Sensitive Reaction Syndrome

Andrew Verity, World founder of Neuro-Training

“I have spent many years learning alternative health areas and never found one that had it all.”  Andrew Verity

Andrew is an international teacher and consultant to the alternative health and kinesiology industry, based primarily in Tenerife, Spain.

So we are extremely excited to have him on our series… if you’re AWAKE (and have a pulse) you will definitely not miss this one!

Andrew Verity explains and empowers the listener with the following world-first technologies and understandings:

  • An understanding of exactly what is important to your body, your subconscious mind, your nervous system and our genetics.
  • Armed with this information he develops his hypotheses on exactly how each of those systems gets stressed, and
  • finally, gives the viewer his techniques to overcome the Sensitive Reaction Syndrome in each of those areas.  This includes his unique “Options Generator” process, you can do at home anytime, micro-movement processes, and many more insights that certainly I have never heard of (and I expect most listeners have not either).

This is indeed world-class information, and fascinating, even if sleep is NOT your problem.


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