Angela Sciberras – Sleep Music Expert

by admin on January 6, 2010

Webinar Week 7 – Unlocking The Secrets of Music and Sleep

We already know that music has an effect on us, but would you like to hold the secret on how the use music to:

  • Distract from pain? 
  • Achieve brain entrainment? 
  • Obtain cathartic release of emotions? 
  • Reduce anxiety? 
  • Help restlessness? 
  • Assist depression? 

Angela Sciberras teaches us how to consciously select music for our targeted results around falling asleep, sleeping better, distracting from pain, relieving stress and anxiety, catharsis from depression and grief, etc. 

Angela Sciberras, sleep music expert

Angela Sciberras - Sleep Music Expert

Angela Sciberras is a Certified Therapeutic Musician (International Healing Musicians Program USA with pioneer Stella Benson) (harp).  She is a Bachelor of Arts Music with honours in Ethnomusicology and a Kinesiologist/Neuro-trainer. 

Angela works in palliative and aged care, and has just completed her book Death the Door, Music a Key.  She actively promotes the inclusion of therapeutic music into the Australian health service through her speaking engagements and conferences.   

Sciberras says that 3 of the leading causes of insomnia are pain, anxiety and spiritual pain, each of which she has addressed in her work. 

Her information will also help musicians who attend the webinar who wish to help members of their family and friends with the methods she will teach. 

She explains exactly how melody, harmony and rhythm fit in.  And of course, that phrase she’s mentioned “Music Dosage”. 

This week is a bit of a departure from previous weeks, its a crescendo of information on music and sleep!  

Here are the other topics Angela covers during this huge 2 hour webinar:

  • Breath matching, deep listening, intuitive listening
  • The three strains of music – weeping, slumber and merry
  • The five basic effects of music on the body: distraction, imagery, emotions, catharsis, relaxation.
  • History of rhythm, music, singing, dancing, movement and how they relate to healing and wellness.
  • Her experience with helping people sleep better, pain management, to sooth emotional pain, distractionary music in palliative care settings. 
  • Specific power music suggestions including nature sounds, holosync, intonations, solo acoustic, speach, guided mediations, even humming, toning exercises, ahhh, etc.
  • Music and colour and the Pythagorean understanding

This webinar was incredibly information rich!  

Amazing information beyond music, to sounds, vibrations and strategies to implement.

If Angela can help people fall asleep who are in pain, and haven’t slept for weeks, there’s hope for us all.


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