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by admin on April 2, 2010

Looking for a bedcovering for your Best Night’s Sleep?

For BOTH of you, not just one of the partnership? 



Sleep Cool One’s Hot, One’s Not?

What we’ve found is that in about 80% of couples, one partner is hotter than the other .. temperature-wise.



And we know that science indicates that we should be sleeping cool to maximise our sleep.
But while one person in the bed is cool, often times the other partner is freezing.I had the same problem a few years ago, and that’s why I developed the Compatibility Blanket.


The Compatibility Blanket has pure cotton sheeting on one half (for the person who feels hot) and pure merino wool blanketing on the other half (for the person who feels cold). 



Compatibility Blanket One’s Hot, One’s Not

Put the Compatibility Blanket on top of your top sheet, with the cotton half over the hot person, the woollen half over the cooler person.  When it gets colder just add more bedcoverings.

One side will always be warmer than the other.  No more arguments!


The Compatibility Blanket is unique in the world, only available from Eyrie Pty. Ltd., right here, now.

We ship all over the world.

Why sleeping cool is better for your sleep:

  • Overheating in bed reduces your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and causes disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Overheating in bed has been associated with the following adverse skin conditions – doona eyes, facial dermatitis, peri-oral dermatitis, grover’s disease, facial excrescences, atopic eczema, acne and hair and scalp problems.  Source:  Dr Hugh Molloy and Dr Garry Egger Good Skin book.
  • Overheating in bed is associated with problems in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • The ultimate temperature for sperm production is 35.5 degrees C, temperatures above that can effect fertility.
  • Lastly in order to fall asleep our core body temperature needs to reduce by 0.3 of a degree.  This temperature drop is actually a trigger to switch our bodies to sleeping mode.  This is one of the main reasons why people recommend having a warm bath before bed, so that that temperature drop can be effected.  It’s another reason why we don’t like people getting into beds that have been pre-warmed with electric blankets.  If you do pre-warm your bed, turn the blanket OFF when you get into bed.

Our normal body temperature is 37 degrees C, so you can see that sleeping ‘cool’ can be quite cool indeed, from the figures above.

We have also noticed that men are usually the hotter ones in bed, not always, but mostly.  e.g. Tall, slim men can be the cooler ones.

And we also notice that women after menopause can become the hotter ones, where previously they were the cooler ones.  The Compatibility Blanket will not stop the hot flushes, but it will assist in each of these situations.

Compatibility Blanket Compatibility Blanket

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Simply wonderful.  We love it!  Now everyone is happy.  Thank you Compatibility Blanket.”  T and S Combes, Lue, NSW

“A Lifesaver” J.B. Camperdown, VIC

“A marvellous idea, after years of arguments and discomfort!” M. McA, Manildra, NSW

“.. banish bedroom battles forever with this ingenious solution: the Compatibility Blanket” Home Beautiful magazine.

GUARANTEE – The Compatibility Blanket comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee (excluding P&H).  And a full warranty against any defects in workmanship for 12 months (we’ve never had a complaint).

This blanket is not available anywhere else in the world.  We ship internationally.

And it was the start of my whole interest in natural solutions for insomnia when I realised that basic sleep information, without the use of drugs, was hard to find and/or too complicated to interpret from medical journals etc.

The Compatibility Blanket is a unique and appropriate wedding or engagement present.

To purchase the blanket, go here now.  The price $ USD 237 includes postage, GST, international freight, and international insurance.

The PayPal gateway accepts both PayPal and major credit cards.

Click here to purchase.

How Does it Work?

The Compatibility Blanket is used in conjunction with your regular bedcoverings as the first layer over your top sheet.  If you’re someone who gets very hot in bed, a sheet and the Compatibility Blanket may be all you ever need.  Otherwise, you simply use the Compatibility Blanket in conjunction with your normal coverings (not heavy doonas/duvets, please!).

What Does the Compatibility Blanket Look Like?

The Compatibility Blanket is a high quality bedding product, manufactured from top grade Australian merino wool and cotton and impeccably finished and packaged.  It has a centre seam dividing the two climate zones, so it’s easy tell which half is for which person.  It is a versatile ivory colour with ivory satin trim.

What size does it come in?

Royal Size Royal Size

The blanket comes in Royal Size, generously sized for both a Queen or King sized bed.  It will remain stable on the bed and will not slide during the night.

To end the nightly battle of the bedclothes click here NOW!

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Margaret April 2, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Fantastic idea, so many couples suffer from different body temperatures in bed, and now it does not have to be an issue – just buy 1 of these now and get some respite from fighting with the bedclothes and waking up not refreshed……

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