MSG, Monosodium Glutamate and Sleep

by admin on January 7, 2010

Click here to find out information on just one of the 50+ food additives and colourings mentioned by sleep expert Sue Dengate in her presentation “Fed Up with Sleep Disturbance”

Sue Dengate also reported that MSG had been implicated (along with a number of other artificial substances) in a case of a child who suffered from sleep apnea and snoring.

So there are a number of reasons not to eat MSG.

When making this decision, be very mindful of the variety of words and descriptions that are used by manufacturers and fast food outlets.

e.g. apart from the descriptions and names mentioned in the video above they can also include

  • flavour enhancer 621,
  • hydrolysed/formulated,
  • vegetable/plant/soy protein
  • HVP, HPP
  • yeast extract/s
  • broth

And THEN there are the additives that are used to enhance the flavour enhancer MSG…  hmmm  now there is a new slant on it!

So watch out for 627 and 631 – E627 and E631.

When 627 or 631 are included in addition to MSG (under whatever name they have chosen to declare it as) then they boost the effective MSG up to fifteen times. (Source:  Sleep With The Experts, Sue Dengate, Week 2 webinar, 2009)

In your case will you find out how to sleep better and fall asleep fast just by cutting out all MSG from your diet?

That might be a very simple sleep solution

Organic food might be the only way for some people to safely know that they are avoiding all chemicals. 

We won’t go into the discussions as to whether all ‘organic’ labelling is fine…  but rather consider the broad idea that at least we know that with truly organic food, we might find the cure for insomnia, or at least one of them.

One secret to natural sleep remedies and natural sleep aids can be to educate yourself about the foods you eat, the perfumes you use, and how to read labels – which involves some competance with labeling laws and loopholes.   

This may sound daunting, and without Sue Dengate’s quality information I think it would be.

Chemicals, preservatives, additives, synthetic antioxidants, colourings etc are part of modern manufacturing because we are ‘moving away from the farm’ – but there are costs involved in our reliance on other people and companies to produce the foods and environments we live in.

You don’t have to go ‘back in time’ and refuse all processed foods, but you do have to be very careful about what you eat, and the chemicals in your life in order to fall asleep fast and sleep better and sleep deeper. 

Especially if certain food intolerances are your specific (and possibly ONLY?! problem).

The complex life just got more complicated.  No wonder we are wondering how to fall asleep!

It has been proven many times over that ‘other people’ and some companies do not have our best interests at heart. 

It is naive to think differently.

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