Nic Lucas, Anxiety Success Case Study and Expert

by admin on January 5, 2010

Nic Lucas’s expertise for Week 3 of Sleep With The Experts was Anxiety.

What’s the great thing about Nic’s take on Anxiety?  He is a medical researcher, and editor AS WELL AS  a success case study on anxiety.  So what he had to tell us was excellent, and practically based.   

Anxiety is widespread and affects people from all walks of life.

It affects your day, and your nights.  Understanding that anxiety is more than often a behavioral problem than a medical problem can be the first step toward recovery.

Nic Lucas - How to Overcome Anxiety

Nic Lucas - Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Nic Lucas is a public health researcher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney where he is undertaking his PhD in the reliability of diagnostic tests.  He has a masters degree in health science, a masters degree in pain medicine, and a grad. dip. in clinical epidemiology.  He has lectured here in Australia and internationally on pain medicine, neurobiology and research methods and he is an editor of an international scientific journal.  He is also a qualified osteopath – and has been in private practice for 10 years, treating people who primarily present with physical pain.

In his late twenties, Nic developed panic disorder, and then generalised anxiety disorder and was affected by this problem for 4-5 years.  During this time he did not take medication and received no formal psychological therapy.  

He has been free of anxiety for 7 years and has written a book and developed an online program for anxiety sufferers.  This was prompted in part by the large number of patients Nic sees in his private practice who confide to having ‘anxiety’ for the first time – and who have never sought help.  Nic calls these, “the invisible sufferers of anxiety”.

This webinar had an amazing response from the audience, especially those who were secretly suffering from anxiety and/or panic.

Nic built hope for the listeners, and ways to get passed anxiety and panic – straight from his own personal experience.

What amazed me personally was the level of complex research that Nic had done around all aspects of anxiety – the drugs, the solutions, the evidence-based studies, the myths debunked!

His personal, open and frank style, dealing with the hardships and the personal challenges was both warm and practical.

I hope you enjoy Nic’s take on going beyond anxiety and panic.

If they are your problems, this may be your sleep solution.


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