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I was lucky enough to be invited by Elizabeth Shannon to join a free Webinar on sleep disturbance and diet. The web seminar was presented by food additives expert Sue Dengate and while I’ve read Sue’s books, visited her website and seen her interviewed on TV, nothing quite beats listening to her in person. I bought an inexpensive pair of headphones and on the night in question, followed the prompts to tune into Elizabeth and Sue.

Sue’s presentation was fantastic. The information was informative and the visuals moved at a good pace. The interaction between Sue and Elizabeth was friendly and professional and the question time at the end was equally valuable. Best of all, I learnt a great deal about how to support my 5 year old son with his sleep difficulties – all from the comfort of my couch!Thankyou Elizabeth and Sue. I’m filled with gratitude for your efforts! 

Jane Gardner, Gordon, VIC (Australia)

Dear Elizabeth & Nic

Thank you so much for tonight’s webinar. My friend suggested that I may find it tonight’s Webinar very helpful and indeed I did. I am so grateful for every piece of information that was given and spoken about. Thank you to Nic, for inspiring me, to believe that I do have a chance, a big chance to work thru and get thru my anxiety hang ups. That have been controlling my life since I was a young child….My family and friends have always known that I have been such an anxious person, and apart from seeking constant help over the years from antidepressants and physiologists’, it has been a long & difficult road.

I have only just come to terms with accepting that I suffer from being anxious, and that after listening to Nic tonight, THAT ONLY I CAN CHANGE THIS BEHAVIOURAL PATTERN THAT HAS RULED MY LIFE….I INTEND TO BEGIN TO START THE CHANGE RIGHT NOW. THANKS TO NIC AND YOUR MOST HELPFUL ADVICE ON WEBINAR tonight. I will also look fwd to be listening to more of your wonderful webinars each week. Thank you so very much. Regards

Terri, Vermont South, Melbourne, VIC (Australia)

Dear Elizabeth,

Thankyou for a wonderful Webinar Series with very informative lecturers providing logical and extremely helpful information. Regards

Sharon Weir, Tuggerawong NSW


Up till now I followed 2 webinars (I have never followed a workshop through the internet) and I liked the topics and the way the webinar went.

As a former mental health nurse and homeopath (I came to live in Australia 16 months ago on my 53th) it was good to hear Nic Lucas had the same ideas about Mental Health as is common in the Netherlands. And Sue Dengate’s opinion about food equals mine.

I think it is good to make these ideas more common and easier to talk about, because there is a taboe on it it seems. And it is good to hear different opinions than the general accepted ones.

And to talk openly about these matters will finally make a difference.

So, thank you for doing this.

Nel Jans, Mt.Gambier, S.A.

The webinars were informative and entertaining with a diverse range of presenters. I gained so many valuable insights into the various reasons for sleep problems and learned practical strategies to overcome my specific type of insomnia.

Since participating, my sleep has improved dramatically. I go to bed feeling confident that I will sleep through the night, and if I awaken, I know that I can get back off to sleep. I now use some of the resources recommended, and I can verify their usefulness.

Elizabeth was a wonderful host, and she coordinated the seminars with professionalism, yet also with a warmth and energy that made me feel at home straight away.

Ann Richardson Dip.T, B.Ed., M.Ed., Mt. Eliza. VIC

Dear Elizabeth

Thank you for the opportunity to give a testimonial about your Sleep with the Experts Webinar. I am absolutely delighted to endorse the fine product you have developed in conjunction with associates who have so freely offered their vast skills to assist the sleepless to sleep easy, sleep tight and live well. A heartfelt thank you to you all. G’day and good night,

Kathy Eiszelt M.A. (Psych) Assoc MAPS Grad Dip Counselling, Beverly Hills, NSW (Australia)

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