Sleep With The Experts is in final production

by admin on October 6, 2009

Hi Everyone

Yea, I know heaps of you have been asking me about the Sleep With The Experts Webinar Series that commenced in July 2009 and finished late August.

The series will be available for sale very soon.

And I know it has taken a while to get it to you.  We’ve been transcribing it word for word, because the information is that important.  And we are getting there!

Hopefully we will be finished all the transcripts by the end of next week.

They’ll all be available in .pdf form so you can download the lot from the internet.

And the Sleep With The Experts pack will also include the original videos produced from the webinar series.

So, be patient, we are working on the product, and will be telling you all about it as soon as we have uploaded the product so that you can access it.

Sleep Tight


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