What’s Your Insomnia Type?

by admin on January 7, 2010

The last night of Sleep With The Experts wrapped the whole series.

Week 9 sifted down the 50-plus types of insomnia to a manageable and understandable 10 Insomnia Types™. 

Here are Elizabeth’s Ten Insomnia Types™:

Type A  – Difficulty Getting to Sleep

Type B – Difficulty Staying Asleep

Type C – Waking Too Early in the Morning

Type D – Drugs, Food Additives and Colourings

Type E – Varying Sleep Times (shift-work, jet-lag, circadian rhythm issues) 

Type F – Muscles and Muscular.  Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), twitching, etc.

Type G – Illness and Pain – includes sleep apnea

Type H – Mind Games (depression, anxiety, phobias etc)

Type I – Environment (snorning partners, overheating in bed, living on a train track etc)

Type J – Decisions, Decisions (mortgage, relationship, job, etc)


Elizabeth Shannon, Sleep With The Experts webinar series

Elizabeth Shannon presents What's Your Insomnia Type?

The best part?

 I matched specific, practical and non-drug solutions to each Insomnia Type™.

If you were in on the webinar finale, you already know that many of these sleep solutions have never been presented to the public before, in fact some were launched publicly for the first time during Sleep With The Experts.

Obviously series wrap up forces you to think strategically, and get specific on exactly why you can’t sleep, and how you can’t sleep.

The training program goes into full detail of the types of sleeping problems, how to fall asleep and fall asleep fast

How to sleep better and stay asleep once you are asleep. 

How to prevent yourself from waking in the night and waking up too early in the morning. 

The other insomnia types include the sleep environment, health issues around sleep, the side effects of some drugs (both prescribed and recreational), muscle tension, restless legs syndrome etc.

And we haven’t forgotten the very important considerations with circadian rhythms and how they are disturbed with international travel, shiftwork etc.  These areas of sleep are becoming more and more public, as we all realise that some of our most vital occupations are subject to sleep deprivation, long hours of work and very little consideration of the consequences.  We rely on our ambulance drivers, medical doctors, nurses, air traffic controllers, pilots etc.

All sleep solutions provided in the training program are natural sleep remedies and natural sleep aids – and Elizabeth has matched the sleep solutions to each Insomnia Type.

And the home remedies for insomnia are not ones that you have normally heard about. 

Here is your passport to world-first information on how to sleep better.

Sleep Tight


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